ISO/CD 12370
ISO/CD 12370


This proposal provides technical guidance for the treatment and reuse of fermentation-based pharmaceutical wastewater. It covers the general requirements for treatment and reuse of fermentation pharmaceutical wastewater, pollution load, process requirements for treatment and reuse of wastewater, recommendation of technology and process, etc. This proposal is applicable to: a) Provide technical reference for project designers of fermentation-based pharmaceutical wastewater treatment; b) Provide standardized guidance for the operation and management of the wastewater treatment and reuse projects in fermentation-based pharmaceutical enterprises. c) Provide guidance for fermentation-based pharmaceutical enterprises to promote technological progress, realise product upgrading, energy conservation and the high-quality development of fermentation-based pharmaceutical wastewater treatment projects. This proposed standard aims to provide guidance for the treatment and reuse technology and process selection of wastewater in fermentation pharmaceutical industry, to promote the development of "zero discharge" of industrial wastewater.

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