ISO standards are essential for the banking and finance sector, as they provide a common framework for the exchange of information, transactions and services, covering aspects such as payment cards, securities, messaging, identification, and risk management. By adopting these standards, financial institutions can enhance their operational integrity, promote transparency, and support regulatory compliance and consumer protection.


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How finance can advance climate justice

Standards are key to accelerating sustainable finance. Here’s why. 

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Improving investor confidence with ISO standards

A recent International Standard is helping bring new clarity to the complex world of finance and investment.

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A common language for digital currencies

New standard for digital token identifier keeps everyone on the same spreadsheet.

Top standards

ISO 8583:2023
Financial-transaction-card-originated messages
Interchange message specifications
ISO 20022-1:2013
Financial services
Universal financial industry message scheme

Part 1: Metamodel

ISO 10962:2021
Securities and related financial instruments
Classification of financial instruments (CFI) code