Cover page: Standards & economic growth: ISO members’ research on the impact of standards on their national economies

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Many of us believe that standards have a positive impact on society, but with such a large range of standards types and topics, how can we measure this impact? ISO members around the globe have probed this question, asking ‘what is the impact of standards on our national economy’? We present here a summary of ISO members’ research studies on the economic impacts of standards, showing that standards are an important contributor to economic growth.

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  • Research
    Here you'll find a wealth of information that demonstrates the economic and wider benefits of standards.
  • International Standards and Trade - What does the research say?
    The relationship between standards and trade is a topic of great interest in the standardization community. In this synthesis review, a selection of emblematic studies draws together findings on the impacts of standards on trade across multiple contexts.
  • The ISO Research and Innovation Network
    This network has been created by the Research and Innovation unit with the aim of creating a community to discuss, promote and conduct research and innovation activities related to standardization.

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