ICS Field
93.010 Civil engineering in general
Construction drawings, see01.100.30
93.020 Earthworks. Excavations. Foundation construction. Underground works
Including geotechnics
Earth-moving machinery, see53.100
93.025 External water conveyance systems
Including buried and above ground installations
Pipelines and its parts for external water conveyance systems, see23.040.03
Internal water supply systems, see91.140.60
93.030 External sewage systems
Sewage water disposal and treatment, see13.060.30
Pipelines and its parts for external sewage systems, see23.040.05
Internal drainage systems, see91.140.80
93.040 Bridge construction
93.060 Tunnel construction
93.080 Road engineering
93.100 Construction of railways
Including the construction of tramways, funicular railways, cableways, rail traffic control equipment and installations, etc.
Rails and railway components, including track, see45.080
Equipment for railway/cableway construction and maintenance, see45.120
93.110 Construction of ropeways
Ropeway equipment, see45.100
Equipment for ropeway construction and maintenance, see45.120
93.120 Construction of airports
Including air transport control equipment and installations
93.140 Construction of waterways, ports and dykes
Including river embankments, water transport control equipment and installations, etc.
93.160 Hydraulic construction
Hydraulic energy equipment, see27.140