Measurement of fluid flow, see17.120
ICS Field
23.020 Fluid storage devices
Small containers for transportation of fluids and bulk materials, see55.140
Storage devices for petroleum products and natural gas, see75.200
23.040 Pipeline components and pipelines
Pipeline components and pipelines for petroleum products and natural gas, see75.200
23.060 Valves
23.080 Pumps
Pumps for fluid power systems, see23.100.10
Vacuum pumps, see23.160
23.100 Fluid power systems
23.120 Ventilators. Fans. Air-conditioners
Marine ventilation and air-conditioning systems, see47.020.90
Mining ventilation and air-conditioning systems, see73.100.20
Ventilation and air-conditioning in buildings, see91.140.30
23.140 Compressors and pneumatic machines
Compressed air, see71.100.20
23.160 Vacuum technology
Including vacuum pumps