IEC/CD 81346-14
Titre manque — Partie 14: Titre manque
Numéro de référence
IEC/CD 81346-14
Edition 1
Committee Draft
IEC/CD 81346-14
Examen du projet par le comité en cours.


This part of 81346 International Standard, published jointly by IEC and ISO, provides, in combination with IEC 81346-1 and IEC 81346-2, rules and recommendations on the structuring of systems and the information on systems in area of technical products and equipment of manufacturing systems. It also provides classification scheme of infrastructure objects in such system for use in function - product- location- and type-specific reference designations of technical products and their documentation for manufacturing systems. The structuring principles and the classes of infrastructure objects are intended to provide a clear identification and localization of the technical products, and for use in their labelling in the manufacturing plant, for their designation in technical documents and for the designation of the technical documents as well. This document encompasses the process of transforming, processing and maintaining material. The specifications in this document apply for processing, transportation and storage of final products, as well as for auxiliary systems to support the manufacturing process such as electrical systems, management systems and waste disposal systems.This document is not applicable for designations related to product individuals (e.g. inventory number, serial number) or the designation of object types and classes of products (e.g. article number or parts number).

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