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ISO/DIS 6031
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ISO/DIS 6031
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Norme internationale
ISO/DIS 6031
Projet de Norme internationale au stade enquête auprès des membres de l’ISO.


This document specifies requirements and corresponding test methods for nanoscale diamond as a functional additive in polymer composites.

Ready-to-use functional nanodiamond extenders can be supplied in the form of a powder with specially modified surface that provides disaggregation of nanodiamonds when they are introduced into a specific production process and mixed. In addition, functional extenders can be supplied in the form of concentrated dispersions of disaggregated nanodiamonds based on solvents, polymer resins and plastics.

It can be provided in the form of powder, suspension or solid nanodispersion based on the same polymer to be functionalized (also named masterbatch in polymer industry).

Nanoscale diamond uniformly dispersed in polymers can improve polymers in terms of their strength, wear resistance, flexibility, thermal conductivity, thermal stability, radiation resistance and other functional properties.

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