ISO 10928:2009
Systèmes de canalisation en matières plastiques — Tubes et raccords plastiques thermodurcissables renforcés de verre (PRV) — Méthodes pour une analyse de régression et leurs utilisations
Numéro de référence
ISO 10928:2009
Edition 2
ISO 10928:2009
Annulée (Edition 2, 2009)


ISO 10928:2009 specifies procedures suitable for the analysis of data which, when converted into logarithms of the values, have either a normal or a skewed distribution. It is intended for use with the test methods and referring standards for glass-reinforced thermosetting plastics (GRP) pipes or fittings for the analysis of properties as a function of time. However, it can be used for the analysis of other data.

Depending upon the nature of the data, two methods are specified. The extrapolation using these techniques typically extends the trend from data gathered over a period of approximately 10 000 h, to a prediction of the property at 50 years, which is the typical maximum extrapolation time.

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