ISO and IEC are creating a new Online Standards Development (OSD) platform which aims at providing the technical community with a unique and harmonized space for online standards development, from the preparatory stage through to publication. We're working collaboratively to shape the standards of tomorrow. 

Why change?

We live in a world where everything is done online, so why not standards development?

With online standards development, we are creating an online environment for standards developers in which they can work efficiently and collaboratively. The OSD platform helps lay the foundation for new value-added products and services for the world of tomorrow through:

  • Collaboration: Experts work collaboratively on a standard in real-time.
  • Accuracy and quality:  The platform that takes care of the structure and quality of the document so experts can truly focus on content
  • Simplicity: online commenting and comment resolution
  • Integration: The platform accessible via existing ISO and IEC standards development tools
  • Harmonized approach: A common IEC/ISO standards development process
  • NISO STS: A content development system that is based on market-recognized standards


Ready to take part?

More than 50 projects, representing over 5’000 users are currently working on drafting standards within the platform.

If you are a Project Leader, Convenor or working group Secretary, you can be involved in creating the future of standards development.

All you need is a project that meets the following criteria:

  • IS, TR, TS, PAS, SRD, IWA project
  • New or in revision
  • Draft at the preparatory stage (10.99 or 20.00)
  • Working group ready to start work on the draft
  • Draft includes no more than an outline/limited content

If your project meets the above , you are ready! Please complete the online evaluation questionnaire to express your interest or contact us at

What happens next?

Once you have completed the online questionnaire, we will:

  1. Review your request to ensure all criteria are met
  2. Confirm your participation and send you all relevant information for you to start using the OSD platform


How OSD is changing the way we work

what are experts saying about osd?

Already using the platform or want more information on the project?

The OSD platform is being developed in a phased approach and we are constantly improving the user experience.

For more information about the project, upcoming releases, resources, videos and more...

visit the dedicated project page


Now available!

Online Member Commenting

The next step in Online Standards Development will allow IEC/ISO members to start commenting directly within the tool. 

Member commenting in the OSD has been designed to ease national voting processes when it comes to International Standards through...

  • Improved commenting features for national experts
  • Facilitated consensus building with improved consolidation and management of national comments  by voters
  • Simpler submission of national comments  by voters

...all while respecting member processes currently in place 


More information is available from the dedicated project page.