ISO/CD 24599
Guidelines for the management of mobile toilets under epidemic situations
Reference number
ISO/CD 24599
Edición 1
Committee Draft
ISO/CD 24599
El comité está revisando un borrador.


The document provides guidelines for the management of mobile toilets under Public Health Emergencies (PHEs) from different perspectives, including users, operators, and suppliers. It also creates a safe sanitation service for the users, cleaners, and manure transporters. It is applicable to epidemic situations of major respiratory tract and intestinal infectious diseases, but not to group unexplained diseases, major food and occupational poisoning and other events that seriously affect public health. This document includes the following: — Key components and characteristics of mobile toilets under PHEs; — Environmental and risk management of mobile toilets under PHEs; — Planning, construction and the subsequent evacuation of mobile toilets under PHEs; — Operation and maintenance; — Health and safety issues ·from the perspective of users (users protection guide) ·from the perspective of cleaners and manure transporters (toilet cleaning and disinfection, on-site pre-treatment and disinfection of the manure and flushing water, manure transportation) ·from the perspective of suppliers (testing and inspection, identification and packaging, transportation and storage) — Rapid response mechanism of mobile toilets under PHEs.

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