International Standard
ISO 21068-2
Chemical analysis of raw materials and refractory products containing silicon-carbide, silicon-nitride, silicon-oxynitride and sialon — Part 2: Determination of volatile components, total carbon, free carbon, silicon carbide, total and free silicon, free and surface silica
Reference number
ISO 21068-2
Edición 2
En proceso de publicación
ISO 21068-2
En proceso de publicación (Edición 2, 2024)
Pasos finales de producción (hasta siete semanas).
Reemplazará ISO 21068-2:2008


This part of ISO 21068 specifies analytical techniques for the determination of volatile components by thermal treatment at specified temperatures, and methods for the determination of the total carbon content, free carbon, silicon carbide, total and free silicon and free and surface silica content of silicon carbide, silicon nitride, silicon oxynitride and sialon containing raw materials and refractory products.

Informaciones generales

  •  : En desarrollo
     : 2024-06
    : Norma Internacional en proceso de publicación [60.00]
  •  : 2
  • ISO/TC 33
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