ISO 10414-2:2002
ISO 10414-2:2002


ISO 10414-2:2002 provides standard procedures for determining the following characteristics of oil-based drilling fluids:

  1. drilling fluid density (mud weight);
  2. viscosity and gel strength;
  3. filtration;
  4. oil, water and solids contents;
  5. alkalinity, chloride content and calcium content;
  6. electrical stability;
  7. lime and calcium contents, calcium chloride and sodium chloride contents;
  8. low-gravity solids and weighting material contents.

Additional test methods are given that may optionally be used for the determination of

  1. shear strength,
  2. oil and water contents from cuttings,
  3. drilling fluid activity,
  4. aniline point,
  5. cuttings activity,
  6. active sulfides.

Procedures are also provided that may optionally be used for

  1. sampling, inspection and rejection,
  2. rig-site sampling,
  3. calibration and verification of glassware, thermometers, viscometers, retort kit cups and drilling fluid balances.

Examples of calculations are given for lime, salinity and solids content.

Общая информация 

  •  :  Withdrawn
     : 2002-07
  •  : 1
  •  : ISO/TC 67/SC 3 Drilling and completion fluids, well cements and treatment fluids
  •  :
    75.180.10 Exploratory, drilling and extraction equipment

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