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In 1971, UNIT organized the first training course on quality in Uruguay and, since then, over 2 500 courses and seminars with more than 52 000 participants, have been held in the Institute. Nowadays, the UNIT Training Programme consists of 10 Diplomas and more than 120 different courses, and counts more than 5 000 partipants per year. The courses take place within the UNIT headquarters, "in-house", in several cities of our country and abroad. Including the subject of accessibility, UNIT has given courses in every Latin American countries.

In 1984, UNIT established the first product certification scheme in the country, and, in 1995 and 1998, it certified the first Uruguayan enterprises according to ISO 9000 and ISO 14000, respectively. In 2002 UNIT certified the first Uruguayan enterprise according to OHSAS 18000. In the last years, UNIT has started certification schemes according to new management system standards like UNIT-ISO 22000 and UNIT-ISO 27000.

Another UNIT activity is the publication, not only of standards, but also of a collection of books and the special editions of Management Systems Standards, which are full coloured publications that include an introductory chapter with relevant subjects related with these standards. The special edition of UNIT-ISO 9000 standards was considered a worldwide innovation in 2001, deserving a two- page article in the ISO Management Systems magazine.

Presidential Decree 285/97 established the Uruguayan System for Accreditation, Standardization, Certification, Calibration and Testing (SUANCCE), a National Council, that mentions the creation of the Uruguayan Accreditation Body (OUA) and the decree of UNIT as the National Standardization Body, which is responsible for the development of the standards and guides on which the system is based.

UNIT is a permanent member of the Directive Council of the OUA and the INACAL (National Quality Institute) that comes under the control of the Industry and Energy Department

UNIT is an active member of ISO, a founder member of COPANT and AMN, a Pre-Associated member of IEC, and is also part of the OHSAS Project Group.

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