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The National Institute of Quality (INACAL) is the public entity, governing body and the highest technical authority of the National Quality System.

We are assigned to the Ministry of Production, with national competence and administrative, functional, technical, economic and financial autonomy.

In July 2014, by means of Law Nº 30224, the National Quality System and the National Quality Institute were created. By means of Supreme Decree Nº 046-2014-PCM, the National Quality Policy was approved. INACAL offers advice and quality infrastructure services to public and private institutions.

Objectives of the National Quality System

  1. Harmonize sectorial quality policies and different levels of government, in accordance with the National Quality Policy.
  2. Guide and articulate standardization, accreditation, metrology and conformity assessment activities pursuant to international regulations, standards and codes which are recognized worldwide by agreements and treaties signed by Peru.
  3. Promote the development of a culture of quality supporting the adoption of quality management practices and the use of quality infrastructure.
  4. Promote and facilitate the adoption and certification of quality regulations required in current or potential local export markets.
  5. Decentralize the services of quality infrastructure in order to address demands in all the country.

• Vision
“By 2021 we will have a consolidated National Quality System, and INACAL will be recognized at national and international level as a leading institution, due to our contribution to improve the competitiveness and the citizenship’s well-being”

• Mission
“We are the national reference in quality matters —technical standardization, accreditation and metrology— and we manage the National Quality System. We work with professionalism and commitment to promote a quality culture and to and contribute to improvement of the competitiveness of businesses, State’s efficiency, as well as the protection of citizens and the environment.”

• Our Services
We provide advice and technical infrastructure services to public and private institutions through the following directorates:

  1. Directorate of Accreditation
  2. Directorate of Metrology
  3. Directorate of Standardization
  4. Directorate of Strategic Quality Development

Instituto Nacional de Calidad

Ministerio de Producción
Calle Las Camelias 815
San Isidro
Lima 27

Тел.: +511 640 8820
E-mail: dn@inacal.gob.pe

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