Членство: Корреспондентский орган
The Instituto Nacional de Normalização e Qualidade (INNOQ) was established on 24 March 1993 by Law Decree 02/93 of the Council of Ministers, under the Ministry of Industry and Energy. INNOQ is judicially and administratively an autonomous body that has been operating under the Ministry of Industry and Trade since 2000, and acts as the recognized central body responsible for defining and implementing quality policy and for coordinating all standardization and quality activities at national level.

The main functions of INNOQ are: the promotion of standardization and quality in the manufacturing of products and the performance of services; and cooperation with regional and international organizations working in the fields of standardization and quality. The aim is to improve the conditions of industry, protect consumers and the environment, increase and facilitate domestic and international trade in order to improve the standard of living and strengthen the overall economy of the country.

Instituto Nacional de Normalização e Qualidade

Av. de Moçambique, Parcela 7168/D1/7
Bairro Zimpeto

Тел.: +258 21 303822
Факс: +258 21 304206
E-mail: asitoe1961@gmail.com

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