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Standardization in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea originates from the days of the anti-Japanese armed struggle of the 1930s. After its liberation, the Government of the D.P.R. of Korea, by decision No. 118, established a Standardization Bureau in 1949.
Guided by the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, the Government set up a Committee for Standardization (CSK) in 1954, as stipulated in its Decision No.5, with the aim of developing standardization in pace with the successful acceleration of the building of socialism.
CSK is a specialized state agency responsible for coordination, direction and control of nationwide standardization activities. It gives uniform guidance on standardization in the committees and ministries of the Cabinet, provinces, cities, and counties, factories and enterprises, makes a final review of draft state standards and ratifies, promulgates and publishes them. CSK handles working relations with international standardization bodies.
The great leader Comrade Kim Jong II ensured that a Standardization Law of the D.P.R. of Korea was issued in July 1997. Today CSK has consolidated its functions and powers by the law to actively carry out the country's standardization.

Committee for Standardization of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

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